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A little bit of Vegas in Bondhay.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take the PhotoBooth with Andrea and Sully as they took a plane to Vegas for their big day but that didn’t stop them bringing a little bit of that American Magic back to the UK for their celebration over in Bondhay.

We enjoyed a fabulous four hour PhotoBooth session with Andrea and all her guests. You can check out all the prints on our Facebook page and see if you can spot the person we just couldn’t keep away!!!

We were inspired by a casino theme for the print design for the happy couple with a table background accompanied by a host of gaming objects adorning the rest of the print. Everyone who used the PhotoBooth was able to take a print home and by the end of the night, we think we’d almost got the whole party in there. Some we couldn’t tear away from the Joshua-Klitschko fight though!!!

Tonight was another night where some of the quieter guys got involved with some of the GiraffeMonkey antics. It’s always enjoyable to watch the shy ones get in the PhotoBooth. They start the night reserved and before you know it, they’re the ones dying to get involved and begging to use the giant pink afro!!

We do have a few rules in the GiraffeMonkey PhotoBooth, one of those is “don’t do or show anything you wouldn’t want your gran to see” and a few people tested these rules to the limit tonight. Normally, we upload all the pictures directly to Facebook but just as what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, today we had a few instances of what happens in the PhotoBooth stays in the PhotoBooth!

The party continued long into the night and after giving the PhotoGuestBook and USB to Andrea at the end of the hire, we made off back into the night and the journey home with more memories made!

Check out some of the images at a href=”http://facebook.com/giraffemonkeyuk” target=”_blank”>facebook.com/giraffemonkeyuk